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CompuSage FIFA WORLD CUPFootball 2018 Draw

CompuSage FIFA Football 2018 WORLD CUP Draw 

Terms and Conditions

1.       Ticket price is £5. There are 32 teams taking part.

2.       Total prize draw is £160

3.       The pot will be distributed, within 5 days, in the following manner, on completion of the FIFA Football 2018 world cup final.
Holder of ticket of team in 1st  place - £ 80
Holder of ticket of team in 2nd place - £ 40
Holder of ticket of team in 3rd place - £  25
Holder of ticket of team in 4th place - £  15

4.       The draw will take place at 3pm on Sunday 1oth June 2016 at  a venue  (TBA) . All participants will be notified and invited to the draw on the FIFA 2018 WORLD CompuSage WhatsApp platform.

5.       Anyone making a purchase from CompuSage between 16/5/2018 and 16/6/16 of £300 or more from the CompuSage Limited will be automatically entered into the draw for one Free ticket, as long as tickets are available.

6.       Maximum of 2 tickets per person. Additional tickets may be purchased 5 days before the start of the competition if any remain unsold by then.

7.      The "CompuSage Wold Cup 2018 Footy  Draw "group has been created on the Whatsapp platform All participants will be added to this group. This. together with this blog, will be the medium used to communicate information relating to this draw.

NB: The FIFA 2018 football championship is being held in Russia

First match is on Friday 15th June 2018

The final is on Sunday  15th July   2018

You can find out more about this competition by visiting the following websites



For Participants CLICK HERE


Any questions please contact Eustice Strachan mobile: 07967370005
or CompuSage on 0118 411 5000 option 2

Errors and Omissions excepted.

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This is a great idea!
A big thank you to the compuSage team for adding another exciting dimension to Euro 2016 football championship
Posted By: Leigham - 20 May 2016 13:36

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