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What you can do with your Laptop

So you have purchased your shining new laptop, you can go on the Internet and send Emails but is there more you could be doing with it ? READ ON to find out Ö.

1. Use your laptop/Computer to connect to the Internet where you can send and receive Emails. Do Internet banking, Search for a job, search for stuff to buy, Read the news/ research news articles, educate yourself and family, download music, chat with family and friends world wide and much more.

2. Watch DVDs, Play music and listen to the Radio

3. Add other users so that different members of your family can use your computer/Laptop

4. Transfer, Store and watch photographs you have taken from your Mobile phone or Camera on your computer.

5. Store videos, music and photos

6. Produce Documents, Spreadsheets, Calendar/Diary and Reminder. Use your computer to store names and addresses of people you know and remind you of important events such as birthdays, Anniversaries appointments.

7. Use social networking sites such as Facebook, MSN, Twitter with your webcam and microphone

8. Use your Laptop to play games such as Solitaire, Chess, Flight simulator, Golf Simulator, Car Racing, Sonic

9. Load additional programs that will allow you to do many other things such as home accounts, produce databases.

10. Connect other devices such as Printers, Scanners, Modems, Phones.

Here some other more advance things you can do. (Some of these things may require that you purchase additional equipment)

Use your mobile phone to connect your laptop to the internet if there is no network, Phone or Wireless facility.

Use you laptops at Airports and other places where they offer wireless connectivity

Use your Laptop in your Garden, Upstairs, attic any where in your house without using wires..

Set up a secure connection to your workplace over the Internet (VPN) connection and work from home!

Synchronize your contacts, Phone numbers, Calendar between your Mobile phone and Laptop ( very useful if you loose your phone )

Transfer files using a Flash Drive

Use your Laptop for Presentations by connecting to a TV, Projector or similar device.

Make FREE or cheap calls using the Internet (Sype)

Use your laptop to watch TV

Add a portable external Hard Drive to store Music, Videos, Photographs

If you would like to be able to do these things and you donít know how. We can help you ! Just give me us call the number is

0118 988 4777

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